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about H/W failure of EC2

how to break down the issue into parts on H/W failure

often EC2 occurs H/W failure. If the EC2 status check fails, it seems to be some problem occurs on the virtual server. The factors are as follows.

  • failure of network connections.
  • failure of system power supply.
  • problem of software on physical host.
  • problem of hardware on physical host.

responding of EC2 system failure

In most cases it is possible to switch new host normally by stopping and starting the instance. It may take many time to stop (took at least 15 minutes). you can terminate EC2 forcibly by press the stop button twice.

if stopping and shuttingdown have been continued for a long time even if left unattende, there seems to be a mechanism to clean up instances automatically. alternatively, it may be faster to start the instance from AMI.

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